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DIN CEN/TS 15901-3 DIN SPEC 1143:2010-03

DIN CEN/TS 15901-3 DIN SPEC 1143:2010-03

Road and airfield surface characteristics - Part 3: Procedure for determining the skid resistance of a pavement surface using a device with longitudinal controlled slip (LFCA): The ADHERA; German version CEN/TS 15901-3:2009



This Technical Specification describes a method for determining the skid resistance of pavements by measurement of the longitudinal friction coefficient LFCA. The method provides a measure of the wet skid resistance properties of a bound surface by measurement of the longitudinal friction coefficient using a locked wheel trailer with a slip ratio of 100 % (locked wheel: standard), or a variable slip between 0 % to 100 % (for research measurements). Within this method the steady state friction on a braked test wheel is measured. The test tyre is dragged over a pre wetted pavement under controlled load and constant speed conditions while the test tyre is parallel to the direction of motion and perpendicular to the pavement. This technical specification covers the operation of the ADHERA device. NOTE The research measurements are not yet measured by all the ADHERA but with only one called 'ADHERA research'. In addition to friction measurements, to determine the macro texture of the pavement surface a laser system is used (mlpc device named RUGO). This system is placed just before the test wheel in order to measure the macro texture (mean profile depth - MPD) on dry pavements and on the same path as the skid resistance measurement is done. The standard for this measurement and the device is described in EN ISO 13473-1. The skid resistance of a pavement is determined by friction measurements and measurements of pavement texture. The skid resistance may be reported either as friction measurement or as a combination of friction and texture measurements.

Additional Info

Author DIN
Published by DIN
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 93.080.20 : Road construction materials
93.120 : Construction of airports
Number of pages 17
Cross references CEN/TS 15901-3 (2009-11), IDT
Year 2010
Document history
Country Germany
Keyword DIN CEN/TS 15901;15901;DIN SPEC 1143

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