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DIN EN ISO 11348-2:2009-05

DIN EN ISO 11348-2:2009-05

Water quality - Determination of the inhibitory effect of water samples on the light emission of Vibrio fischeri (Luminescent bacteria test) - Part 2: Method using liquid-dried bacteria (ISO 11348-2:2007); German version EN ISO 11348-2:2008



ISO 11348 describes three methods for determining the inhibition of the luminescence emitted by the marine bacterium Vibrio fischeri (NRRL B-11177). This part of ISO 11348 specifies a method using liquid-dried bacteria. The method is applicable to waste water, aqueous extracts and leachates, fresh water (surface and ground water), sea water and brackish water, eluates of sediment (fresh water, brackish and sea water), pore water, singles substances, diluted in water.

Additional Info

Author DIN
Published by DIN
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 07.100.20 : Microbiology of water
13.060.70 : Examination of biological properties of water
Number of pages 32
Replace DIN EN ISO 11348-2 (1999-04)
Cross references EN ISO 11348-2 (2008-11), IDT
Year 2009
Document history DIN EN ISO 11348-2 (2009-05)
Country Germany
Keyword DIN EN ISO 11348;EN ISO 11348;EN ISO 11348-2;11348

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