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DIN EN ISO 10414-1:2009-04

DIN EN ISO 10414-1:2009-04

Petroleum and natural gas industries - Field testing of drilling fluids - Part 1: Water-based fluids (ISO 10414-1:2008); German version EN ISO 10414-1:2008



This part of ISO 10414 provides standard procedures for determining the following characteristics of water based drilling fluids: a) drilling fluid density (mud weight); b) viscosity and gel strength; c) filtration; d) water, oil and solids contents; e) sand content; f) methylene blue capacity; g) pH; h) alkalinity and lime content; i) chloride content; j) total hardness as calcium. The normative and informative Annexes A through K provide additional test methods which may be used.

Additional Info

Author DIN
Published by DIN
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 75.180.10 : Exploratory, drilling and extraction equipment
Number of pages 106
Replace DIN EN ISO 10414-1 (2008-07)
Cross references EN ISO 10414-1 (2008-11), IDT
Year 2009
Document history DIN EN ISO 10414-1 (2009-04)
Country Germany
Keyword DIN EN ISO 10414;EN ISO 10414;EN ISO 10414-1;10414

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